There are few things in life that I love more than seeing someone genuinely content, while his/her unique and truthful energy radiates from the inside. This is true beauty, and this is precisely what I aim to accomplish in my work: A unique, beautiful, honest representation of oneself. Whether it be on your wedding day, in a headshot, or on a screen, the true you is beautiful, and it deserves to shine :)

Me and My History

I am Renée, an Atlanta based makeup artist and hairstylist. Having been a licensed cosmetologist since 2003, I began my journey working in salons as a hairstylist, and soon after I found myself working on sets of all kind. Because of my involvement in the performing industry already, being an actor, dancer, and singer, I inevitably fell into working with actors, models, directors, and photographers. After spending some time in Atlanta, I decided to move to New York City for a change and a challenge. There I continued to explore, learn, grow and develop my crafts. During this time I also began my involvement in weddings, which is my ultimate happy place. Living in NYC has changed how I see the world in ways I could never imagine, and I am very thankful for the opportunity and drive to grow. I am now back in Atlanta, and could not be happier!


I enjoy to no end, being a part of the biggest day of your life. I work to instill confidence in you from the moment we speak, through the consultation, and lasting until after your wedding day when you see the beautiful photos of that glorious time. The heartwarming smile that I see when a bride looks into the mirror and sees the beauty she emanates is perfection in my soul. Simply knowing that I helped her to feel so confident and undeniably beautiful on the day she is going to embark on the greatest journey of her life, is enough to make tears stream down my face.


I like to apply my expertise acquired through working in different sides of the industry in both Atlanta and New York City, to cultivate the perfect look for you in your headshot. I know how sacred, and possibly nerve wracking, a headshot session can be, so I like to allow you your personal space as you need it, while also being available during the entire shoot to arrange your hair, fix the fold in your collar, or powder your nose ;) Needless to say, I like to mold my energy to your needs in your photography session, so you can feel as comfortable and taken care of as possible.


The relationships I build with my clients are timeless and I truly enjoy connecting with every person individually, no matter what the occasion. I want you to feel beautiful, confident, comfortable, at peace, and ready to take on the world..


So I hope that gives you an idea of how and why I work :)

Please contact me, as I would love to create with you!