Headshot session

I recently had the opportunity to beautify the face and hair of my good friend Daniel (not that they really needed much beautification, but you know what I mean..). Another plus of the day was that his fiancé, the amazing Anneliese Kappey, came along as our wardrobe stylist. Being some of my most favorite people in the universe..you can imagine we had a wonderful time.

It was a gorgeous day in the financial district in Manhattan, which is always a plus. We ended up with some great shots and everyone was happy :)

Furthermore, Daniel happens to be one of the most interesting, creative, intelligent, and influential speakers I have ever heard. The first time I heard him speak, I was invigorated, inspired, amazed and felt very enlightened in the subject of his speech. 

Daniel is currently available for bookings. For more information about Daniel, please visit his website  www.daniellund.com

Photography by Kabir Chopra