Headshot session

I recently had the opportunity to beautify the face and hair of my good friend Daniel (not that they really needed much beautification, but you know what I mean..). Another plus of the day was that his fiancé, the amazing Anneliese Kappey, came along as our wardrobe stylist. Being some of my most favorite people in the universe..you can imagine we had a wonderful time.

It was a gorgeous day in the financial district in Manhattan, which is always a plus. We ended up with some great shots and everyone was happy :)

Furthermore, Daniel happens to be one of the most interesting, creative, intelligent, and influential speakers I have ever heard. The first time I heard him speak, I was invigorated, inspired, amazed and felt very enlightened in the subject of his speech. 

Daniel is currently available for bookings. For more information about Daniel, please visit his website  www.daniellund.com

Photography by Kabir Chopra


The Perfect Eyebrows for your Face

Have you ever wondered if eyebrow shape really matters when it comes to your face shape? 

The answer is yes!! Truthfully, it can make or break your look. If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to eyebrows, here is a little guide..

So you definitely have one of the six face shapes. The six types are oval, round, long, square, heart, or diamond. If you have never thought about your face shape before, just look in the mirror with your hair pulled back. 

Below is your guide to determining your face shape, and which type of brow is best for you! Once you determine that, just comb the brows the way they grow naturally, and tweeze and/or trim the hairs to be as close to the desired shape. Make sure you tweeze any stragglers too, or if you are nervous about it, just go ahead and let a professional do it. Just make sure to tell them exactly what you are going for with your eyebrow shape. And let it be known, you obviously cannot completely change the shape of your brows, (unless you are shaving them and drawing them in...umm, ick..) but you can definitely tweak them to become more flattering for your face.


Your guide:

Oval Face Shape: Your forehead is wider than your chin, your cheekbones are prominent, and your face gradually tapers down a narrow, oval chin. This is considered the ideal face shape, and the perfect eyebrow for you is the soft angled eyebrow shape. It gradually goes up and then gently curves around at the top and then down.

Round Face Shape: Your face’s width and length are about the same, and your face is widest at the cheeks. The goal here for eyebrows is to make the face appear longer as opposed to rounder. A high arched brow is perfect for this face shape because it helps to draw the eye up and down and lengthens the face.

Long Face Shape: Your forehead cheekbones and jawline are all about the same width, and your face tapers down to a narrow, oval chin. With this face shape, we want to make it appear shorter, so a flat eyebrow is best.

 Caroline has a long face shape, and also the perfect flat eyebrows to make her face appear shorter.

Caroline has a long face shape, and also the perfect flat eyebrows to make her face appear shorter.

Square Face Shape: Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same widths, with the most obvious feature being the squared jawline. A defined, sharp peak at the top of the brow is best for this face shape so it balances out the square jaw. Another option is to make the brows softer to soften stronger features.

 Martine has a square face shape. She does not have a super distinguished jawline, so a softer arched brow works well for her.

Martine has a square face shape. She does not have a super distinguished jawline, so a softer arched brow works well for her.

Heart Face Shape: This is similar to an oval face shape, but the chin tapers down to a point. The best eyebrow shape for you is rounded, using the bottom of your chin for the lower curve of the heart, and your eyebrows as the top curves. The goal here is to soften your look with curves, so rounded brows are best. You can create a soft natural look by creating low rounded brows, or to achieve a dramatic look, create higher arches.

Diamond Face Shape: This is the least common of the shapes. With this shape, your face is widest at the temples, the forehead is short, and the face is highly angular. Here, we want to make the widest portion of your face appear less wide. A curved eyebrow shape is best for this.

So, I hope this gives you a little guidance with your eyebrows..

Also, here are some more examples of the best eyebrows floating around in the world today!



Welcome to my makeup and hair blog!!!

Hello everyone!!!  Welcome!!!

I am very excited to be launching my new and improved makeup and hairstyling website!! For those of you who don't know me, I just want to tell you a little about myself so you get the idea of what you may find in my blog, in addition to makeup and hair related posts :)

 So, I am a licensed cosmetologist of 11 years, and have spent time working in salons, on set and backstage as a makeup artist and hairstylist. What thrills me the most is being able to create a look for someone so that the first sight of themselves in the mirror causes a reaction of awe, and amazement, making them feel the most beautiful and confident. It makes me happy to make others happy.

I am extremely creative by nature and thrive when creating anything from nothing. I become very inspired through movement, nature, people, idiosyncrasies, possibilities, sounds, music, and energies. I am also a dancer of 25 years, as well as a choreographer/dance instructor, actor, singer, painter, vegan chef, and proponent of raw foods, working out, meditation, balance, laughter, and an overall healthy lifestyle. I am very open to all that there is to learn in this world and the people that come along in the process.

...Everything that we do, are, and will be comes with a detailed and unique story. I am very interested in finding that story beneath all of us and helping it come to life in whatever way it happens. Being truly alive is the most captivating and enriching expression of who we are, and through my many art forms, I aim to open the channel for each unique, individual journey to create itself, and to flourish. 

I believe in not always following the rules. I believe that in taking a risk, you can open up a world of possibilities and learn things about yourself that you never imagined. And most of all, I believe in following your heart, and simply not thinking too much ;) 

Oh, and sometimes I go on tangents... ;)

So, welcome to my blog!!! I hope you enjoy :)

With love,


Skin, Hair, and Other Health Benefits of Avocados

Surprise, surprise! Take a guess what this is about …Yep, avocados!!! These creamy little guys are amazing for you. It's just incredible how much what you eat impacts your entire existence....so avocados are one of my favorite treats! And I just happen to be eating one of these jewels right now with my absolute favorite crackers, Mary’s Gone Crackers!!! Yes, so you’re wondering why we are talking about food on a makeup and hair blog…well, it just so happens that avocados are beneficial in a ton of ways, from your skin to hair, joints, eyes, and much more.

First of all avocado is amazing for keeping your skin soft and supple. With its good fats and phytonutrients it has beautifying benefits both when eaten and actually used on the skin itself. Here is a great way to make your own avocado beauty mask at home..

DIY Homemade Avocado Face Mask:

Very simple..first of all, make sure you wash and rinse your makeup off with warm water and your favorite cleanser. All you need is an avocado, a few squirts of lemon and if you want to add some texture to it, a little oatmeal, but not too much as it can get pretty clumpy. Mash and mix it all together and smooth it over your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Then, feel your smooth, beautiful face.. and smile.

Hey and while it’s sitting, why not whip yourself up a batch of some awesome guacamole and pair it with some for a little vegan Mexican Fiesta! You’ll be glad you did. This perfect little snack satisfies your hunger, makes you smile and beautifies your skin all at once. What a great way to kill two.. well three.. birds with one stone! ...Ok..Just a play on words everyone, calm down you vegans out there ;) I love, birds, just not when they are cooped up in a cage, repeating everything you say. Flying freely they need to be! Well, maybe parrots are fun for a minute. But only a minute ;)


And if you are interested in the other benefits of avocados:

Avocado is a nutrient rich food, and contains Vitamin E which is wonderful for your skin. Massaging avocado oil in to the skin improves tone and nourishes the skin. It also softens rough, dry, flaky skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and eczema.

Massaging avocado oil into the scalp can help improve hair growth.

Mashing an avocado, rubbing it in your hair after washing and letting it sit for 5 minutes will add shine to your hair.

Avocado helps keep joints moving freely.

Being folate rich, avocado is proven to lower total cholesterol level to keep a healthy heart and prevent strokes.

Ohh! I almost forgot!! Here is a recipe for the Pink Power Detox Smoothie, being extremely nutrient rich and tasty at the same time! It contains avocado along with many other great natural goodies from my favorite vegan food blog Oh She Glows. If you want sweet, add the apple, if you want tart, add the whole lemon! Either way, you will feel great! Enjoy!!

And for more amazing avocado recipes to incorporate into your life, visit: