About the Bridal Makeup and Hair Trial/Consultation

The goal for the trial is for us to create the perfect makeup and hairstyle for you on your wedding day in order to make you feel beautiful, and capture your style as well as the essence of your wedding. I want to reassure that your makeup and hair for the big day will go as smoothly as possible so you can feel relaxed, confident, stress free, and just enjoy the process! We will not call it a day until we have collaborated to find a perfect makeup and hairstyle for you. I usually recommend scheduling the trial about a month before the wedding. Additionally, I like to allow about an hour and a half for each makeup and hair during the trial.

A note about inspiration: It is a great idea to collect any photos of styles that you find inspirational for your wedding. It is a great place for us to start. Feel free to send them to me too before the trial! 

On the Wedding Day

Once I have received a list of all the ladies in the bridal party and their requested services, I will compose a schedule to allow for enough time for each bridal party member. I like to allow about 30-45 minutes for makeup and 40-60 minutes for hair for every lady, and I will spend the most time with the bride of course. I also like to schedule the bride's services last, or as close as possible to the time she needs to be ready for photos, so her makeup and hair is the freshest possible. In addition I will need about 20 minutes for setup and break down of my work space. 

A little about the work space to keep in mind: It is preferable to have a well-lit work space with natural, bright light and a table/counter top to organize my supplies.

About Travel

Travel fees will be applied to locations that are greater than 20 miles one way from midtown, Atlanta. Travel will be based on total distance traveled to and from the location, will be applied to the total rate and will be due on your wedding day. If the event requires that I book a hotel in order to arrive on time, that will be added to the rate as well.

About Booking and Payment

In order to reserve and book the day for you, I require a list of all requested services for each bridal party member. I will prepare a contract for you once I have received that information. When I have received the required 50% deposit and the signed contract, the day will be officially yours! The remainder of the deposit is required two weeks before the wedding, and will not be cashed until after the completion of all of the services on the day of. Once the contract is signed, I can add services which will change the contract a bit, but services may not be subtracted. 

One last thing: Whether you as a bride choose to pay for everyone in the party yourself, or you have each of them paying for their own services, I request that you collect all the payments and submit one lump payment to me. 

Please make checks payable to:

Renee Locher