Bridal party gifts:

Personalized gifts for your bridal party are such a wonderful way to celebrate each of your friends and family individually for sharing your day with you. I offer personalized paintings to give to each of your bridesmaids as a gift. It is a very unique and special way to help celebrate each of your bridal party members individually for sharing this special day with you. Every time they look at the personalized painting displayed in their home, it will bring back memories of the time you spent together and your unique and special friendship.

How the bridal party gifts work:

You as the bride, give me the names of each person along with some details about each, and I will create a work of art for each specified person. You will also give me their favorite colors, favorite things, any special memories you share, possibly colors of a room in their house that you think the painting would go well in, and any other information you would like to share about your relationship with them.

I will then create and make and rough sketch of the idea for their personalized piece of art. You will then receive the sketches for each person receiving a piece of art approve, and then approve sketches. I will then create the art for give to your bridal party members to thank them for being a treasured part of your special day.


Bridal bouquet artwork:

I also offer a bouquet painting service for you, the bride!! After your wedding, an amazing way to commemorate your special day and the colors and beauty you will want to remember is to have your bouquet painted and displayed in your home.. possibly near the coffee table or bookshelf that will display your wedding album ;)

How it works:

After your wedding, you will give me your bouquet or a well lit photo of your bouquet, and I will paint it for you to have forever!


Please inquire for further details and rates! I look forward to creating beautiful works of art for you and your friends and family :)