A little something extra that I offer...

Something that most of you don't know is that I am also a dancer / choreographer! If you have been thinking how fun it would be to do a group bridal party dance with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, or both together, then you have come to the right place! I have been dancing for 28 years and been choreographing various types of dance for about half that time. Please read on to see how it works and what I offer. Also, if you book through me for both makeup and hair for your wedding as well as for choreography for your bridal party, you will receive 20% off your choreography fee.


How it Works:

Initial phone consultation: The phone consultation is a complimentary 20 minute phone conversation where I will collect your ideas for your bridal party dance, your song choice, number of people in the dance and whether they live in or out of town, and any other details or special moments that you would like included in the dance. Here we will decide on which services are most fitting for your needs. If you choose to have in studio rehearsals to learn your dance, we will discuss times for potential rehearsals. I will also answer any questions you may have.

In person/studio rehearsals: You are responsible for determining when all members who are in your dance can be at rehearsals together. You will send me the preferred dates and times and I will confirm the rehearsal dates/times. Those rehearsals will be set and cannot be changed. If someone cannot be at a rehearsal, the choreographer is not responsible for helping them to learn what they missed in that rehearsal. An Instructional video would be helpful in this situation. *Usually an hour of rehearsal is recommended for each minute of the dance. An additional hour is recommended to clear up any questions and get the dance looking sharp and clean as well as to commit it to memory.

Instructional Videos: An instructional video of the choreography is recommended if most or all of the members participating in the dance live out of town. I will create an instructional video, send it to you via email, and you will send it to your bridal party dance members. A video is also recommended if you decide to learn the dance very far in advance of your wedding; it will help to have the video to remember the choreography as the day gets closer so the dance is performed looking clean and accurate, and everyone is comfortable with performing it. *The instructional video will be at an easy to follow pace catering to people who have not had dance experience, so don't worry if you are new to this!

Final rehearsal: It is recommended to have a final rehearsal with everyone in the bridal party dance within one week or a few days of your wedding to help remember all choreography, do any final blocking, and clear up any questions anyone may have.


*Please inquire about rates and up to date studio rental fees.